Saturday, May 17, 2008

FO : Cherry

Cherry is finished! I finished her up yesterday, in between studying for finals. I LOVE her! This is definitely one of my favorite knits so far! I used S.R. Kertzer Butterfly Super 10, a 100% mercerized cotton. I'd never used mercerized cotton before, and was very pleased with the results. It has a really beautiful sheen which is a little difficult to make out in these pictures. The only thing that kinda bugged me about the yarn was the fact that it was really splitty. And... we're talking REALLY splitty, because splittiness usually doesn't bother me. That wouldn't stop me from knitting with this yarn again, but I just thought I'd give fair warning.I think this is my first purple sweater. I really love that color, but I haven't had much of a chance to knit with it yet. This shade is especially entrancing. It just feels like a spring color - it reminds me of so many of the flowers that bloom in the summer.

I'm working on the Eyelet Surplice Dress from the new IK now. When I first saw the preview for it, I was kind of disappointed with it. I think I was wanting more of the same of the last two issues, since I have loved them so much. Then I saw the Knitting Daily galleries. It always helps to see the garments on different body types to let me see the potential different garments have. The dress wasn't in the Knitting Daily galleries, but once I got the issue and was able to see the garment on a page, instead of on a computer screen, I fell in love. I think it's going to be so elegant and fresh! I found the PERFECT yarn for it, too - Blue Sky Skinny Dyed Cotton in Cherry. It's the perfect easy knit for this stressful week, too - easy stockinette with minimal shaping, then a ribbed waistband, then the easy, easy eyelet lace for the top. Yummy!

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smittenknitten said...

So pretty and that color looks fab on you!